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IGoEnchi is an open-source IGS (Internet Go Server) graphical client and SGF editor for Windows Mobile. It requires .NET Compact Framework 2.0 to be installed on the device. It's licensed under zlib/libpng license. You can get more information on the project at SourceForge project page.



Download the latest release, install it to your device and execute.

Select File->IGS->Connect in the menu bar. Enter your username/password in the dialog and tap "OK". When the connection is established, go to the File->IGS again and select the appropriate action.



Version 0.26

Version 0.25

Version 0.24

Version 0.23

Version 0.22

Version 0.21

Version 0.20

Version 0.19

Version 0.18

Runs on .NET Compact Framework 1.0